Differences between face exercise and face massage
Natalia Broberg
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According to research by Superdrug in 2018, the study gathered that women spend a minimum of $175 a year on facial products like moisturizers, eye creams and other things they might need. This means that an average woman spends about $11,230 a lifetime. You will agree with me that this is a bit eye, and for many years now, specialized physical therapists and physicians have prescribed facial exercises and facial massage for those looking to improve their overall face tone, texture, and appearance. However, keep reading to understand the difference between facial exercises and facial massage.

Face yoga is very effective in the realignment of the jaw and can also help tone, strength and tighten the jawline muscles, mastication muscles, the neck muscles and also help relieve the painful symptoms of TMJ.

Facial exercises can help rain paralyzes of the neck and face to improve proprioception and coordination. Facial exercises also help strengthen affected muscles or group of muscles and learning to relax alleviating the symptoms of Bell's palsy. This exercising also strengthens, stretches and increases the range of motion of the neck and face.

Facial exercise can also help increase lip closure, eyelid closure and decrease synkinesis. They also help to regain facial movements increase muscles strengths and symmetry. Facial exercise or face yoga also helps improve the overall health and tonality of the face and neck.

Facial massage on the other hand helps to improve the overall health and tonality of the face in regards to rehabilitation. This type of massage is considered one of the oldest forms of healing and it has been practiced for centuries. Human beings tend to stress up, and when this happens, it leads to jaw pain, headaches, and even neck pain. Facial massage strengthens and tones the facial muscles, to prevent wrinkling and sagging. However, facial massage when done correctly can help relieves pain, increases circulation, and relieves the stress. It also maximizes cellular turnover increasing circulation and bringing back nutrients to skin's surface promoting healing. Facial massage also increases the skin's temperature, forcing the skin to release toxins and impurities which most cleansers alone cannot achieve.

Facial massage as well as face yoga can also help improve the overall health of the facial skin as it is a vital element in the overall tone, texture, and appearance of the skin. Massage also enhances the action of the lymphatic system beneath the skin's surface as it moves bacteria and wastes away from the skin cells eliminating toxins.

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