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Have you looked at yourself lately and felt dissatisfied by the way you look because you have jowls, under eye bags, double chin, or excess fat in your face? I can imagine that you wish you had that slimmer face that looks aesthetically more pleasant to the eyes compared to rounder face, chubby cheeks, and double chin.

A lot of times you look at those models, TV stars and actresses and you feel some complexes because your face is not as slim as theirs.

You may ask "what is wrong with my face lately?" it may be due to the structure of your face or as a result of overdeveloped muscles. Again when you take in many calories, your body will spread fat tissues to fat stores and when a store is full, it moves the fat to other smaller stores. This, for example, contributes to a chubby face.

Other factors that can cause excess fat in your face include hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy and sometimes before menstruation. Higher carb foods, aging, stress, smoking, alcohol intake are other factors that can weaken the muscles that hold fat, causing fats to relocate to other parts of your face, causing double chin and fat face.

Common facial problems

When you have excess fat in your face, it can cause problems like a double chin, under eye bags, and jowls, which can cause you to look older than your real age.

1. Under-eye bags

When you have larger fat pockets in your undereye area, it can make bulging under eyes prominent. It does not necessarily cause weight gain; it only causes the fat pockets to budge.

2. Double chin

Superficial fat can accumulate excessively under your chin giving you a double chin. It may be hereditary and you may have it very early in life.

3. Jowls

Jowls are the result of descending cheeks and this occurs naturally with the aging process. When you lose volume in the face, especially around the jawline, cheeks, and volume around your mouth, it can result in prominent jowls.

Will facial exercise change it?

You might have tried different approaches to get rid of under-eye bags, double chins, and jowls, and you didn't just get the result you wanted. Truthfully, some methods work while some are an absolute waste of time.

However, facial exercises such as facial yoga can help you lose jowls, undereye bags, double chins and face fat. These exercises target the lower layer of your skin, the middle layer, and the upper layer. It works them correctly to increase blood circulation and to nourish the cells. It also targets muscle groups, thereby toning and chiseling it to give your face that attractive look.

I am a facial yoga specialist and I can help you to tske care of your jowls, double chins, chubby face and under eye bags. I can guarantee you will start liking your face when you follow FIT-FACES exercise routine.

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