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You might have tried different extravagant beauty products or treatments just to get that youthful and radiant face. But do you know your posture can actually cause extra pressure on your face which can lead to wrinkles double chin, and jowls? Maybe all you actually need is a face workout.

You may grow up in a home where your parents always tell you to straighten up and practice good posture. This actually helps to prevent a curved spine. When your back is hunched over, it can cause clenching of your jaws which leads to the tightness of your facial muscles.

Your posture has a significant impact on the way your face. I'm sure you already know your body carries your head. So you need to mind how you carry your body. When you keep a bad posture, you can get a reduced blood circulation and bad lymph nodes and this can affect your skin, especially around your face.

One research was conducted at the University of Louisville and 60 people were asked to rate the appearance of two young women in a series of pictures. In some pictures, the women were standing upright, in others they were slumping…Interestingly; the viewers rated all the women standing upright in their pictures to be more beautiful and younger.

Why you need to work on your posture

When you keep a good posture, it does not only help your muscles to work properly, but also keep your blood circulation flowing throughout your body. Your facial muscles and skin are highly involved in this. They get a good supply of blood and oxygen and waste products are removed, leaving your face radiant and beautiful.

Again a bad posture can affect your mood and personality and make you look so unattractive to people. It can even make you look 60 when in the real sense you are just 30. A good posture will help to prevent premature aging of your facial skin, which eventually causes an uneven skin tone.

Further, Bad posture can cause muscle tightening (like your temporalis and masseter) and this can cause your face, especially your jaw to misalign. Also, the tightened muscles can cause your head to move forward, tilt and rotate creating a hunch in your middle back. When you keep a good posture, the tight jaw and facial muscles become loosened and this can create an alignment that properly positions your neck.

How to improve your posture for a better face

To keep a good posture, you need to first make a conscious effort to drop your shoulders down as often as possible. You have a tendency to hunch your shoulders up when you type on computers or smartphones all day. The bad part is that you may not notice it.

Again, try to always sit up straight while working on an office chair or sitting on a sofa. You can get a high quality, ergonomic chair for working and perhaps a lumbar support pillow for extra support for your back. Take frequent breaks from your working desk to allow your spine to experience different postures throughout the day.

All these can help you to an extent to improve your posture for that youthful and radiant look.

However, one of the most effective ways to improve or regain that graceful posture you forgot you ever had is by taking face yoga. The best place to get this perfect blend of face exercises for your posture and facial muscles is Fit-Faces.com

FIT-FACES.COM offers a step-by-step online program that consists of a unique blend of well-explained yoga exercise. Just in 6 weeks, you will see an improved posture for a firmer and brighter face.

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